AI supported Visual Inspection in Quality Control


Visual inspection is an important measure for quality assurance in assembly. However, the consistency of the inspection quality often depends on the daily condition of the inspector.

The 2|inspect visual inspection software solves this problem by providing the inspector with trainable inspection assistants.

This photo-based inspection system is very easy to integrate into the inspection process and easy for the user to operate. It is suitable for goods picking, mechanical and electrical assembly. Whether at the end of the production line and before shipping to the customer or for inspecting production batches for rejects, the software offers a cost-effective dual-inspector system and improves your out-of-box quality.




Many inspection points are easy for humans to overlook: Is the spark plug connector properly attached, and is the fuel hose connected? Is the crimp contact correctly engaged, and is the appropriate cable color in the right place?

After a short training period, the AI assistant of the 2|inspect software makes automatic inspection suggestions, which then only need to be confirmed by the human inspector.



System Requirements


The 2|inspect inspection software supports the setup of a modular inspection system. The software runs on a laptop or industrial PC with a Windows® operating system (WIN10, WIN11). A USB-capable optical system (camera, webcam, microscope camera, etc.) can be connected to this PC. A standard touchscreen is suitable for operating the software and displaying the inspection results.

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Software Test


Test the software with your inspection tasks for 30 days free of charge and then decide for yourself if 2|inspect has been helpful to you.

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